Secrets of San Miguel
a memoir by
Alice Denham

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Alice DenhamAlice Denham is the highly-praised author of Sleeping With Bad Boys, AMO, My Darling from the Lions, and many stories and articles. Alice is the only Playboy Playmate who ever had a short story published in the same issue of Playboy magazine. Her story was made into a festival prizewinning movie. Alice is a founding member of the National Organization for Women.

Secrets of San Miguel opens a Pandora’s box of wild, wicked, scandalous, funny, and heartbreaking tales about a Mexican town long known both for its beauty and the day-to-day misadventures of its artists, writers, expatriates, and locals—by an author who was there for it all. 

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San Miguel de Allende

Why is San Miguel de Allende known as one of the most fascinating towns in the world? In a high-powered collection of tales spanning more than forty years, the outrageous literary raconteur Alice Denham answers that question in tales of hippies forcibly shorn of their manes, womanizing drug dealers, police torture, gorgeous bullfighters, martyred laborers, good-hearted murderers, black-hearted saints, international sex and romance both gay and straight—with rape, incest, brutality, infidelity, betrayal, kindness, loyalty, generosity, heroism, family love, and abiding friendship in the mix.

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