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Terminal GamesCole Perriman's
Terminal Games

by Wim Coleman
and Pat Perrin

A murderer is stalking the Internet ...
Originally published by Bantam; an exploration of human consciousness as well as a thriller.

"The first detective story set in the world of interactive networks, where you are whoever you wish to be."
—Clifford Stoll, author of The Cuckoo's Egg

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Secrets of San MiguelSecrets of
San Miguel

by Alice Denham

A new and exciting literary concoction from the highly-praised author of Sleeping With Bad Boys, Amo, My Darling from the Lions, and many stories and articles.

“…true and touching love, a friendly neighborhood murderer, skin-crawling evil and extreme nuttiness in the same paragraph.…a one-sitting book if there ever was one.”
—Jim Morris, author of The Devil’s Secret Name

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mayan interfaceMayan Interface
by Wim Coleman
and Pat Perrin

A visionary fiction adventure. Mysticism, technology, archaeology, authentic Mayan history, Mayan shamanism, consciousness change, and transformation.

An award-winning metaphysical thriller
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Jamais Vu VIEWSJamais Vu VIEWS:
a companion to the classic
The Jamais Vu Papers

Real people, fictional world! Intriguing conversations in the bizarre realms of jamais vu. From the novel The Jamais Vu Papers and the newsletter that inspired it, by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin.

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Participants in these jamais inter-vus:
Stewart Brand, John Brockman, Fred Chappell, Daniel C. Dennett, Maria DeCespedes, Jamake Highwater, Jean Houston, Russell Jacoby, Charles Johnston, Paul Krassner, Timothy Leary, Howard Rheingold, Tom Robbins, Russell Targ, Robert Theobald, and Fred Alan Wolf (with Llixgrijb).

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10. Paul Krassner: Satirical Prophecy
14. Russell Targ: Unsuspected Connectedness

the jamais vu papersDid you ever get the strangest feeling that you've never been here before?
That's Jamais Vu!

New edition of the underground classic.

By Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin
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Juggler in the WindJuggler in the Wind
A quest—a coming-of-age story—a completely new take on the ancient Olympian gods—for YAs and imaginative adults. A magical adventure by
Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin.

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Horses, stories of myth and magic, edited by Pat PerrinHorses in myths, legends, folktales, and other ancient stories
According to some of our best-loved tales, horses go beyond being beautiful, brave, strong, fast, and loyal. They also talk, fly, and fight to protect their riders. They’re magic!

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The Lullaby TreeThe Lullaby Tree
A no-holds-barred literary and theatrical extravaganza of ideas, The Lullaby Tree reels riotously between prose and verse, vulgarity and beauty, farce and heartbreak, earthiness and mysticism. It is meant as much to be read as it is to be staged. This is the first play in Wim Coleman’s forthcoming “Aesopeia” cycle about the life of the fabled fabulist Aesop.
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The Poe You Don't KnowThe Poe You Don't Know
A wit, a wag, a laugh-aloud humorist and satirist? A jaunty man of ideas, with his finger on the pulse of the science and technology of his age? An ornery literary prankster whose hoaxes fooled thousands of people? This Madeira Collections anthology introduces The Edgar Allan Poe that you might not know whose writings will delight, stimulate, and surprise.

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Drowned in Madeira Wine, two flies began to recover life.—Benjamin Franklin

“They had been drowned in Madeira wine…. Having heard it remarked that drowned flies were capable of being revived by the rays of the sun, I proposed making the experiment upon these.… In less than three hours, two of them by degrees began to recover life. They commenced by some convulsive motions in the thighs, and at length they raised themselves upon their legs, wiped their eyes with their fore feet, beat and brushed their wings with their hind feet, and soon after began to fly.… I should prefer to an ordinary death, the being immersed in a cask of Madeira wine, with a few friends … then to be recalled to life by the solar warmth of my dear country!”

—The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


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Mayan Interface is a visionary fiction thriller. Topics include: archeology, bicameral mind, Chac, consciousness, glyph translation, Julian Jaynes, Maya hmen, Mayan calendar, Mayan glyphs, Mayan history, Mayan mythology, Mayan prophecy, Mayan storytelling, murals, mysticism, Portland, pyramid temple, shamanism, stela, storytelling, uay, virtual reality, world tree, Yucatan, Yucatec Maya.

The Jamais Vu Papers is an eccentric, experimental novel with a longtime following. Topics include: alternate realities. deconstructionist scholars. deja vu. jamais vu, Llixgrijb, lucid dreaming. lucid waking. metaphor. neurotransmitters for paradox, and many more. Real-life participants include: Daniel C. Dennett, Tom Robbins, Fred Alan Wolf, Paul Krassner, John Brockman, Timothy Leary, Fred Chappell, María De Cespedes, Jamake Highwater, and a number of visual artists.